Project Highrise


Project Highrise is a Strategy game.

Release date: Summer 2016
Developer: SomaSim
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Project Highrise is the latest PC game from Chicago based devs SomaSim, and it gives the player the role of architect and developer, charging them to build mighty sky-scrapers that are desirable and aesthetically pleasing, while also ticking all of those pesky day-to-day concern boxes like “the elevators should work” and “the building should have power”. Any fans of the Maxis game SimTower will likely have their ears prickled with interest by now, a game that one of the devs, Matt Viglione, says in an interview with another website, proved an inspiration, but certainly had its flaws (or should that be floors?).

While money can’t buy fame in Project Highrise, it can buy famous art pieces – from fountains to paintings to statues. Small artworks will add a minimal amount of prestige: they’re nice pieces for the tenants and visitors to notice as they walk by, but nothing too terribly impressive in their own right. By contrast, large works of art will add significantly to your prestige level. You can project your fame by placing a statue in your plaza or commissioning a famous mural for your lobby. These will not only impress the tenants, but they’ll attract visitors in their own right to come and behold your good taste.


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