Salt and Sanctuary


Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D hardcore action RPG.

Release date: End of May 2016
Developer: Ska Studios
Platform: PC
Genre: RPG
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D hardcore action RPG from the makers of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. Blending the brutal signature combat of The Dishwasher series with influences like Dark Souls and classic Castlevania, Salt and Sanctuary presents an unforgiving world of rich lore, seamless exploration, deep character building, and satisfying difficulty.

Attacked at sea and shipwrecked on a mysterious island, you’ll face hordes of Drowned Men and their powerful lords, discover and master powerful weapons and magic, and build and expand the reach of your creed, all in hopes of unlocking the secret of the island, and with it, salvation.

● A massive single player game: the island you’ve been shipwrecked on is one vast, seamless, interconnected world full of secrets, shortcuts, and 20+ challenging, thoughtfully constructed bosses. Stuck? There are many alternate routes, and not all character builds are equal.
● A role-playing game: create and customize your character, and tell your own story. Your character in Salt and Sanctuary is completely customizable through tons of cosmetic options, starting classes, skill proficiencies and loot.
● A stylistic action RPG: leveling your character and gaining gear proficiency is essential, but skillful use of combos, launchers, parries, and dodge rolls not only level the playing field, but make you look excellent.
● Passive Multiplayer: those dead bodies you saw hanging there? They’re not just scenery: they’re the characters of real players that have died in that area. A candelabra signifies that a boss is close, but the number of candles lit also tells you what the worldwide success rate is against that boss.
● Endless Replayability: between countless character builds to try and a series of increasingly difficult NG+ playthroughs, Salt and Sanctuary’s potential for replayability is immense.


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