Blackfaun is a fast paced action-RPG.

Release date: 4 December 2015
Developer: Wild Guess Software
Platform: PC
Genre: Action, RPG
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Blackfaun is an action RPG blended with arcade game, focusing on skill-based gameplay. Players are a faun who kills enemies and collects gear through a series of procedurally generated dungeons and enemies with a variety of tactics. The arcade style gameplay will involve a fast-paced combat, pushing enemies, and staying on your toes. Utilizing spells and skill, as well as selectively choosing how you advance will determine how you advance.

— FIFTY UNIQUE ENEMIES AND BOSSES Battle your way through cunning and relentless enemies that employ advanced tactics and abilities to exploit your weaknesses.
— PROCEDURALLY GENERATED DUNGEONS Explore unforgiving, procedurally-generated dungeons as you help the faun on her journey of self-discovery. Enjoy endless hours of Blackfaun fun as you experience new layouts on each playthrough.
— OVER EIGHTY DIFFERENT ITEMS Along the way, you will uncover an incredible variety of powerful items with over 100 unique spell mechanics and thousands of additional stat variations.
— ORIGINAL STORY AND SOUNDTRACK Unfold the relationship between the faun and Pan as each character shares their perspective of events. Their mysterious journey is accompanied by a rich and original soundtrack.



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