Crystal Towers 2 XL


Crystal Towers 2 XL is an adventure platform game.

Release date: August 2015
Developer: David Newton
Platform: PC
Genre: Indie
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Crystal Towers 2 XL is an adventure platform game inspired by the shareware of the 90s. Join Bernard the monk as he makes his way through the hostile reaches of the kingdom on a quest to recover the sacred instruments that hold the world’s music together.

The idea in the original game was to make the camera always give the player a view of where they were heading, speeding up when you turned around so that you could instantly see a large part of the level ahead of you again. The thing that I failed to notice was that you don’t actually need this feature — progress in a platform game is usually in one direction, and the vast majority of times you’ll turn around are for briefly going back to collect a pickup or dispatch an enemy, so you don’t want a sudden swing of the camera to break your stride. Of course, there are also the two vertical levels to worry about, where you’ll often change direction — Luminous Tower and Azure Cliffs — so the camera still needs to be aware of where the player is heading.

Key features:

— 33 levels across 11 environments
— Additional missions in each level making up a total of over 250 individual objectives
— Collect spellbooks to unlock new abilities
— Upgrade character health and magic throughout the game
— Gather objects from enemies and synthesize them to your advantage
— Openly explorable hub level, with many different paths through the game depending on where the player chooses to go
— Twelve huge bosses
— Original music in the classic Genesis style
— Share your progress online with other players

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