Overcooked is a chaotic couch co-op cooking game.

Release date: 2016
Developer: Ghost Town Games Ltd.
Platform: PC
Genre: Casual
Language: English

If you are reading this, you probably want to download Overcooked torrent. On this page you can do it for free, without registration and other difficulties. Also here you can read a brief description of the game, view screenshots and the release date of this project. Please note that the link to the .torrent file will be available soon after the game’s release.

Detailed description:

Overcooked is a game with a truly simple concept. Players must pay attention to orders coming in, cook meat, chop vegetables, and saute as necessary. As menu items are ready to go, they must be placed all together (such as with a burger that requires multiple ingredients) and plated. Once plated, they’re free to go out to customers. After all this work a dirty plate comes in and must be cleaned before it can be used again. Sounds simple, right? It would be, if not for the fact that orders come in at a surprisingly quick pace and that you can’t keep track of what everyone is doing from moment to moment.

Not only that, but the small kitchen quarters often lead to bumping into others or duplicating what someone else is already doing. There’s also a limited amount of chopping stations, ovens, and sinks, meaning duties need to be swapped between players as needed. It might make sense to designate one player as “dish washer” but even these rules don’t work perfectly. After all, dish washing in particular doesn’t happen all that frequently which requires everyone to chip in on various roles throughout a stage.

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1. Click Download Button and download .torrent file.
2. Open it with uTorrent or an alternative program.
3. Download and run the game setup file.
4. Following the instructions, download and install full version of Overcooked for PC!
5. Enjoy!

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