Mayan Death Robots 2015


Mayan Death Robots is a Arcade game.

Release date: 2015
Developer: Sileni Studios
Platform: PC
Genre: Arcade
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Mayan Death Robots is a Wormslike artillery game in a Mayan setting invaded by alien killing machines. Pick a robot from the roster and enter the arena to destroy your opponent’s power core. Aim your weapon before the timer runs out, but don’t be distracted by the pretty scenery: when the rockets start flying, you already need to plan your next move! Will you choose to move your robot to a better vantage point, or will you build defenses to keep your opponent from landing a killing blow?

Mayan Death Robots is a blend between a fighting game and an artillery game: think Worms on speed with a roster of massive alien robots who duke it out during the height of the Maya civilization. Mayan Death Robots is a simultaneous turn-based game, which means all players have their turn at the same time, and they have only a few seconds to pick their weapon and aim. This results in hectic, fast-paced gameplay where you have to balance lots of different objectives: attacking the enemy heart, battling the enemy Mayan tribe and keeping your defenses up by using the construction gun.


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