Phantaruk is a Adventure game.

Release date: August 2016
Developer: Polyslash
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Billed as a survival horror game, Phantaruk sounds quite similar in concept to other games in the genre like Alien: Isolation or Monstrum. Players will explore the derelict Purity-02 space vessel and face the threat that lurks on-board the ship. What makes the game a bit more unique, however, is its survival elements. Players will have to monitor their own pulse as infectious toxins have infiltrated the player’s body. You will need to be on the lookout for “special syringes” to keep the toxins from infecting the player. Much like the Outlast games and the usable camera with nightvision, players will also be on the lookout for batteries to keep their flashlight alive. According to the press release, players will not survive long without light on their side.

“When designing locations we aimed for the feeling of claustrophobia, we wanted to corner the player just like Dead Space did. Purity-02 is dirty, dark and full of heavy atmosphere. The engineering sections are composed of steel and rust but on the other hand we have medical and administration quarters which are very, very bloody. There is a lot of tight corridors and some open space areas which make confrontations with the enemy much more exciting.”



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