Wars of Napoleon


Wars of Napoleon is a Strategy game.

Release date: 3 Dek 2015
Developer: AGEOD
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Language: English

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Detailed description:

A turn-based strategy game set during the Napoleonic Wars. The game was developed by AGEOD, a developer considered to be an able strategy game maker. The game offers four different scenarios set within different periods of Napoleon’s rule. These include the so-called Grand Campaign (1805-1815) and a few smaller ones: Austerlitz (1805), Battle of Jena (1806), and Waterloo (1815). The battles are fought on the strategical level, so the player controls entire armies instead of individual soldiers. Apart form being able to control French forces, the player also has access to the British, Spanish, Russian, Austrian, Prussian, and Ottoman armies. The gameplay requires the player mainly to effectively lead their military forces, but also take manage supply lines, military improvements, and diplomacy. Similar to most of the previous games from AGEOD, this one also focuses on faithful recreation of historical events. However, the creators also allow the players to create alternative versions of history, providing the option to manipulate the outcomes of certain events.

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