Order of Battle: Winter War


Order of Battle: Winter War is a Strategy game.

Release date: July 2016
Developer: The Artistocrats
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Winter War covers the titular Winter War, which sees the Soviets attempt to conquer Finland; the Continuation War, where Finland and Germany invade Russia; and finally the Lapland War, where the Finnish forces have to chase the Germans out. When the Red Army moved into Finland, at the start of the Winter War, it had clear tank and air superiority, as well as a numbers advantage, but after Stalin’s Great Purge of 1937, the army lacked leadership.

While the historical ratio of troops isn’t followed in Winter War, the Soviets always have a numbers advantage, assaulting the Finnish forces with wave after wave of frontal attacks. It’s not all bad news for the Finns, however. Their troops are more specialised, like the ski units, and fighting on their home turf means that they don’t suffer from supply issues, unlike the Red Army. And then there’s the climate and terrain.



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