Oddworld: Hand of Odd


Oddworld: Hand of Odd is a Strategy game.

Release date: 2015
Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Hand of Odd is about us using the technology of Munch, enhancing upon it, and bringing it into the multiplayer world of gaming. How many players will be able to interact at one time is still yet to be determined. If we can get 8 players at one time for Hand of Odd we will be happy. It will be enough. If we can get more we will be ecstatic. Hand of Odd will not be an online community in the way that Everquest or Ultima Online are. But we do plan to take advantage of features like downloadable units that will help to keep the world fresh even after it’s been out there awhile.

While the game takes place on the familiar territory that is Oddworld, the game’s mechanics are completely different from any previous Oddworld game. Being part of the Habitales series, the game focuses on the day-to-day lives of Oddworld’s many diverse inhabitants. It doesn’t follow one specific character like the games of the Oddworld Quintology do (with its heroes); instead it focuses on the stories of a few different characters caught in the cross fire of conflict between opposing sides. It is nature versus industry as the ambitious industrialists (or land muggers) with their masses of Moolah and dark hearts, duke it out with the eco-extremists (or Tree Huggers) with spiritual energy abundant and a clean conscience.


1. Click Download Button and download .torrent file.
2. Open it with uTorrent or an alternative program.
3. Download and run the game setup file.
4. Following the instructions, download and install full version of Oddworld: Hand of Odd for PC!
5. Enjoy!

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