Might & Magic: Heroes 7 — Trial by Fire


Might & Magic: Heroes 7 — Trial by Fire is a Strategy game.

Release date: June 2016
Developer: Limbic Entertainment
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Trial by Fire will follow the relationship between the Dwarven Kingdom of Grimheim and the Holy Griffin Empire as tensions grow between the two. The add-on introduces two new campaigns and promises improved mechanics as well as extra content in the form of bonus Scenario and Skirmish maps, written by renowned Heroes IV’s writer, Terry B. Ray.

Trial by Fire is set five years after Might & Magic Heroes VII when recently crowned Emperor, Ivan Griffin, is informed that Dwarven warbands are posing a threat to his territory, once more. Ivan is dedicated to protecting his people, but his hunger for war is quelled by the fragility of the Empire. If he declares war on the Dwarves, will the Empire withstand the blow? With hopes to settle this matter peacefully, the leader of the Sudgerd Dwarves, Vilma ‘Stoneshield’ Bjornsdottir, will travel to Ivan’s court. Could it be that the answers to the Holy Griffin Empire and the Dwarven Kingdom’s future lie in the depths of the Dwarve’s past? — See more at: http://www.gamewatcher.com/news/2016-27-04-trial-by-fire-add-on-announced-for-might-magic-heroes-vii#sthash.JP3ffCoN.dpuf



might_magic_heroes_7_trial_by_fire.torrent (1.2 MiB)


1. Click Download Button and download .torrent file.
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5. Enjoy!

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  • Fulano Pendiente

    hi i just downloaded the game, but I don’t know how to run it. You have to download any patch or something like that?

  • Gősi Csaba

    Hi, I tried running «Might and Magic Heroes
    VIIBinariesWin64MMH7Game-Win64-Shipping.exe», but it only launches
    Uplay, where I would need to sign in and use an activation code. I also
    tried running this .exe offline, but Uplay still launches, and I cannot
    run the game. What shall i do?