Dungeon Manager ZV


Dungeon Manager ZV is a dungeon simulation game.

Release date: September 2015
Developer: StudioGIW
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Dungeon Manager ZV is a comprehensive management game where you become the lord of a dungeon and decide the placement of monsters, traps, and items. Your visitors, the adventurers, are on a quest for breathtaking thrills. To satisfy those desires, build a dungeon that gives the adventurers a sense of accomplishment. In return, you will be rewarded with the adventurers’ corpses and equipment. And, with their stolen resources, build an even more greater and more exciting dungeon.

In this world, there are reckless individuals known as «adventurers.» You hold the power to create a dungeon that can destroy them.

I have prepared a new dungeon for you, along with a treasure that will make adventurers come running. First, you must kill every adventurer that invades your dungeonand prevent your treasure, the Knight’s Emblem, from being stolen. The corpses of adventurers can be recycled as a resource, Bone. With this resource, you can build new areas, traps, and staircases, as well as dig floors deeper underground. Also, the very source of life, Velis, can be harvested from the souls of slain adventurers. Use both Velis and Bone, to create Zombies, the main guardians of your dungeon.



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