Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution


Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution is a Strategy game.

Release date: 2 March 2016
Developer: High Tale Studios
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Doesn’t everyone wonder, at some point in their life, what the world would be like if we were all squirrels? Big bushy tails, giant buck teeth, hiding nuts in our backyards? What about stuff like the French Revolution? OK, that was a horrible transition but how do you start a blog about giant squirrels reenacting the French Revolution? I’d like to see you try it. Anyways the game is pretty much that, the French Revolution only with squirrels instead of humans. The campaign will involve strategy on what to do with your troops, as well as five squirrel bosses that you’ll have to face to progress through the story mode. The game will also have local and online multiplayer for all you competitive nuts out there. It will be turn based fighting against other players with strong powerups included into the forray.

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1. Click Download Button and download .torrent file.
2. Open it with uTorrent or an alternative program.
3. Download and run the game setup file.
4. Following the instructions, download and install full version of Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution for PC!
5. Enjoy!

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