Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator


Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator (2017) is a very interesting simulation game with startegy elements.

Release date: 25 April 2017
Developer: Orbcreation
Platform: PC
Genre: Simulator
Language: English

Download Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator Torrent full version PC game. On this page you can find brief information about the game and screenshots. To download the game via torrent, use the link at the bottom of the page. This game is developed by Orbcreation and belongs to the genre Simulator.


Have you ever dreamt of sailing along your favourite coastline or amongst the tropical islands of the South Pacific? Sailaway gives players the most realistic digital sailing experience to date with in-depth simulations of weather, wind and currents while your boat and it’s sail are modelled to give even the most experienced sailor a work-out.

Sailaway - The Sailing Simulator torrent

Folks will be able to experience and simulate “in-depth” weather, wind and currents while the boat and its sail are modeled to give the veteran or newbie sailor a challenge. In addition to challenges, the early settings or modes will let you sail away while you learn the game, and then as you progress it truly kicks up the difficulty a notch when all virtual help is removed.


Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator Free Download PC Game:

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