Political Animals


Political Animals is an election simulation game developed for PC.

Release date: November 2016
Developer: Squeaky Wheel
Platform: PC
Genre: Simulator
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Political animals is an election game, not a government game, and it features a map of a fictional island (there are 3 different maps), and each turn the player allocates tasks to their candidate, and a number of their election staff. Those actions may be moving to a new district, fund-raising, holding a rally or bribing the local patron. Bribery and corruption is a BIG part of political animals. it’s a game of moral choices for politicians.

Political Animals takes place on an island: the player is a presidential candidate, and each turn they have to choose where to campaign and what for, how to best raise funds and how to spend them. Of course you can be a boring goody-two-shoes, appeal to good causes and try to be honest; or you can actually join the fun side of life, with bribery, fabrication of press scandals and intimidation tactics.

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