Poly Bridge


Poly Bridge is a simulation-based bridge builder.

Release date: 2015
Developer: Dry Cactus
Platform: PC
Genre: Simulator
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Poly Bridge by indie game developers Dry Cactus is a simulation-based bridge builder in which the player must construct a bridge stable enough to transport a number of vehicles to the other side. You can select from a variety of different materials such as wood, steel, cable, and hydraulic pistons and then construct your bridge on a 2D dotted plane. You need to take into account the weight of the various vehicles, the max joint stress of different parts of your bridge, your budget for the map, and any incoming ships which you will either need to avoid entirely or accommodate for.

The way you make bridges is simple and works very well. The space bar lifts up the inventory wheel, giving you access to a range of different materials, that each cost money to build. Some levels will limit the amount of resource you can use and every level has a budget. You can go past the budget slightly, but you will quickly run out of money if you do so and the game rewards you for being economical. Left clicking places materials on a very helpful gird (that aids with symmetry) and holding Ctrl lets you adjust their position. You’ll need to establish the actual road across the bridge first, before adding materials such as wood and steel to support your road. Doesn’t sound too difficult, right?

This is where the creativity comes in. Very quickly, you’ll have to get familiar with hydraulics to lift a part of your bridge to let boats through. So now you have to deal with supporting cars of different weights and making sure that a boats, of varying sizes, can pass through your bridge. The boats travel first, so you won’t be able to get away with a bridge that is destroyed when a boat passes through. You’ll also have to make sure the bridge actually stays up when it separates for the boat it’s easy to see how the difficulty rises. Bridges aren’t the only structures you’ll be dealing with, however. Jumps make an appearance too, which require a very different mindset to conquer.

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