Starfighter Inc.


Starfighter Inc. is a hardcore PvP multiplayer space warfare game.

Release date: 2015
Developer: Impeller Studios
Platform: PC
Genre: Shooter
Language: English

On this page you can download Starfighter Inc. torrent! This is a full version game for PC. All games from our site available for download absolutely free and without registration, the link is below the description. Before downloading you can read the description of the game and see screenshots.

Detailed description:

In short, Starfighter Inc. is:

— All About Combat. Hardcore PvP multiplayer space warfare focused on pure, unadulterated tactical simulation combat.
— Realism Done Right. A hard-science driven, zero-g experience where players can spin, tumble and strafe their way through a gritty frontier universe.
— Unparalleled Customization. You control and customize every element of your ship, from the chassis to the powertrain to the cockpit layout.
— Match data will be used to shape the narrative and guide new content for game updates.

In Starfighter Inc. team deathmatch doesn’t work. Players just end up careening towards one another along shorter and shorter arcs, jousting in space more than creating a «furrball» of dogfighting ships. The solution, Mamais said, has been to design the gameplay modes around objective-based play. Imagine a near-future scenario where an elite carrier ship hangs stranded in orbit around Saturn. Repairs are underway, but meanwhile a wing of enemy bombers is vectoring in, followed closely by a handful of heavily armored troop transports. Nukes are inbound, boarding teams are prepping their small arms, and the only thing standing in between the stricken capital ship and total annihilation is a thin line of starfighters.

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4. Following the instructions, download and install full version of Starfighter Inc. for PC!
5. Enjoy!

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