CyberZone — is a first person time-shooter.

Release date: Fall 2015
Developer: InterMassive Studio
Platform: PC
Genre: Shooter
Language: English

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Detailed description:

You adrenaline junkies need another FPS to quench your thirst to kill? Cyberzone might be a game for you. So what separates this from other shooters? Super FAST shooter with time control system. Crowd of enemies, difficult and long multi-levels, connected by a single storyline. Control the time, use the environment as a weapon and KILL. ALL. F18KING. ENEMIES.

— Action-story campaign. 24 chapters with a massive levels and a huge crowd of enemies.
— A several tens of game modes with different gameplay style. Runner, arenas, destructable world and more.
— Abilities. Be sure, there is not the only slowmo. How about hacking the enemy’s cyborg brain? Or stop the bullets and throw them back?
— Score and level system. Be the fastest hand on the wild west and upgrade your abilities.
— Combo kills will increase your speed for a few seconds or will stop the time.
— Co-op and multiplayer. It will be amazing. Co-op with 2 players in a special story mode. Classic multiplayer deathmatch with time mechanics or capture the flag, dominion and other awesome modes.



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