For The King


For The King is a co-operative RPG adventure game.

Release date: 2016
Developer: IronOakGames
Platform: PC
Genre: RPG
Language: English

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Detailed description:

For the King is a procedurally generated, open-word, roguelike RPG that you can tackle solo or with friends. You can adventure together or split off and do your own thing. If you want to buy a boat to sail the open seas, you can do just that. The combat system is turn-based, with three classes to choose from – a hunter, a scholar, and a blacksmith.

For The King is hard to define for an audience that has never played it, I’m not going to lie. If I were to describe the experience I would say it’s a strategic, team based adventure which leads the players through hilarious misfortune to triumphant victory. It plays like a boardgame with underlying pen and paper mechanics but it is punishing like a rogue-like. It keeps you in a calculating mindset like a strategy game would but it takes you on an epic adventure like any good role-playing game. It’s designed to be a re-playable puzzle that you piece together over multiple playthroughs, either on your own or with friends. You win together and you die together.

Players and enemies alike take turns attacking, and planning strategic strikes against each other. Combat is fast and furious, one slip up or even some bad luck can mean death. Watching a party member get impaled by a Beastman’s spear is both funny and horrifying when you are repeatedly failing your own flee attempts. For The King takes no prisoners so buckle up and be prepared to get beaten down.



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