Eisenhorn: Xenos


Eisenhorn: Xenos is a action RPG.

Release date: April 2016
Developer: Pixel Hero Games
Platform: PC
Genre: RPG
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Eisenhorn: Xenos is not your typical Warhammer game. Most games based on the 40k license are strategy games, card battlers, and tactical turn-based head scratchers. Xenos is very different. It’s real-time, cinematic, focused on combat, and has ambitions to feel like a big budget console game. You play as Inquisitor Eisenhorn — voiced by Mark Strong — and follow him through the story of the first book in the Eisenhorn trilogy, and into battle.

Gameplay, according to GDC info, is supposed to be a mixture of Sword, Gun and psychic play. There will also be a stealth system in the case that the player will want a more non-violent route, assuming they’re a HERETIC. A true servant of the Emperor will always hack and slash their way to victory, rather than being a pussy and try to sneak towards the finish line (Of course, that’s just the official line. Inquisitors have more leeway with how they can serve the Emperor). Players will also be able to pick two companions to aid them during missions. Though it is stated that missions will suggest which character from Eisenhorn’s retinue the player should pick, likely in order to keep with the stories canon.

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