Fate Tectonics


Fate Tectonics is a world-building puzzle game.

Release date: Fall 2015
Developer: Golden Gear Games
Platform: PC
Genre: Puzzle
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Fate Tectonics is a world-building puzzle game featuring a handcrafted pixel art style and a 16-bit symphonic soundtrack. Carefully place terrain tiles, piecing together the world in a way that will appease a growing number of god-like beings called Fates.

— Easy to pick up and play casually, but also offers deep challenge for more strategic players.
— Accessibility options cater to gamers with motor skill, cognitive and vision impairments.
— Handcrafted in-game pixel art, a soundtrack of symphony & steam, Twitter-shareable worlds!
— The powerful Book of Fate keeps track of your progress and chronicles your adventures!

RAGNAROSA AND FORTUNA — Each world you create is a moment in time, an Age if you will, and the sisters determine its lifespan. As one draws to a close, Ragnarosa passes judgment; if not satisfied, your world will cease and life begins anew. The only force powerful enough to stave the inevitable is Fortuna; she records the accomplishments of each Age, to convince her sister of its worthiness and to withhold judgment.
SERENITY — The normal rules regarding death and rebirth do not apply. An Age may be everlasting, thanks to the almighty Serenity; his calm energies ensure that the other Fates are much slower to react, to become forces much easier to reckon with. Thus you are able to craft an Age that will thrive and endure, free from Ragnarosa and Fortuna’s subjugation.



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