Tiny Little Bastards


Tiny Little Bastards is a 2D platformer Action RPG for PC.

Release date: Third quarter of 2016
Developer: Overlord Game Studio
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure, Platformer
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Tiny Little Bastards is a 2D adventure platformer that tells the story of Ivarr, a Viking tavern owner forced to take up arms to defend his tavern and his beloved beer! He must face many foes on his adventure and will make great new friends along the way. This story is told on a fantasy world, populated by characters inspired by many different cultures and mythologies (African, Chinese, Celtic, Viking).

This means the player will be able to control character stats, talents and talent-based abilities while progressing in a vast and beautiful platform world with many bizarre, sometimes otherworldly regions, ranging from huge pumpkin dungeons to lands where sheep float in the sky! The player will also be able to collect many different items such as weapons, trinkets, crafting materials, potions… and manage his own inventory. Items will be in ARPG-inspired style, appearing through the game by means of looting, crafting and exploration, as well as sold by charismatic vendors, and posessing a variety of randomized stats to allow for different playstyles.



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