Children of Morta


Children of Morta is a family-based «roguelike action game».

Release date: October 2015
Developer: Dead Mage
Platform: PC
Genre: Action, roguelike, RPG
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Children Of Morta is a story driven hack ‘n slash game incorporating the elements of the rougelike genre, where you will go on an adventure with the guardian family of Bergsons.

On Mount Morta, a corrupt god in a fit of rage has cursed the creatures of the land, mutating them into frenzied, rabid beings. Players assume the role of the Bergson Family, a group of guardians of the land who set out to fix the problem before it gets worse. Getting to the summit where the god lost his sanity proves difficult of course, and there will be legions of insane creatures to slow them down.

Choosing a member of the family who each has a different specialty or weapon (a little reminiscent of Legacy of the Wizard for the NES, if anyone here remembers that ancient relic), players set out to fight, hack, and slash their way through hordes of enemies lining up to take them down.

The game has a unique art style blending the old-school 2D pixel art aesthetics with a few modern lighting and rendering techniques bringing to life a world of fantasy and mystery. The game music is based around orchestral renaissance tunes with many variations to please your ears while taking this journey with the Bergsons.

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