Yon Paradox


Yon Paradox is a Indie game.

Release date: 6 May 2016
Developer: Digital Mantis
Platform: PC
Genre: Indie
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Yon Paradox ​is a first-person action-puzzle videogame based on a time machine which, at regular intervals rewinds the time, without changing the player location. At every time jump a new yourself will be born​, and he’ll replicate all the actions you previously did. The player objective is to solve mini-puzzles in order to collect “YonGears”, required to fix the faulty virtual dimension, which is causing the recurrent time rewinds. In doing so, the player needs to avoid being detected from his alter egos​to not cause mortal space time paradoxes, creating a sort of “multiplayer against yourself”. As the game progresses, multiple alter-egos will be present at the same time, gradually increasing the difficulty.

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5. Enjoy!

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