Bard’s Gold


Bard’s Gold is a 2D Retro slow-paced platformer.

Release date: 14 August 2015
Developer: Erdem Sen
Platform: PC
Genre: Indie
Language: English

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Detailed description:

According to the dual developers behind Bard’s Gold, Erdem and Jennifer Sen, the game can be described as “a 2d Retro arcade platformer with a small touch of RPG elements, where the player has to find the key hidden within the level and get to the door in order to progress through the game.” When asked to provide a synopsis of the game’s story, they offered the following character monologue:

“While I was adventuring, I got my saddle containing the legendary Bard’s Gold stolen by a filthy goblin. It has been my Family Treasure for generations… I had to get it back at all costs! Giving chase to the burglar, I went through a portal that sent me to this strange world… I must escape and return the Bard’s Gold to where it belongs!” The game includes over 30 levels, including 4 secret ones, two difficulty modes, boss fights, and an assortment of weapons and upgrades.

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