Auralux: Constellations


Auralux: Constellations is a Indie game.

Release date: June 2016
Developer: War Drum Studios , E McNeill
Platform: PC
Genre: Indie
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Auralux: Constellations is a real-time strategy game that distills the RTS genre to its essential elements. Auralux features a slow, graceful feel and vibrant minimalistic graphics, all pulsing to the rhythm of ambient music. This game is designed to provide a relaxing, cerebral experience. Every choice matters, and the only path to victory is through clever strategy. Auralux: Constellations is the sequel to the popular sleeper hit, Auralux.

• MULTIPLAYER! Face off against your friends (or enemies) online
• Updated graphics, bringing Auralux into 3D for the first time
• Brand new music that procedurally adapts to the gameplay
• Gameplay improvements, including on-the-fly speed adjustments
• Tons of new maps

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5. Enjoy!

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