Deliverance is a first-person survival horror game.

Release date: 2015
Developer: TBDTS Games
Platform: PC
Genre: Horror
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Deliverance is a first-person survival horror game in which you are put into the captivity of a deranged man dawning a serial killing streak with no plans to stop. Play as «Victim #3» and try to find your way out of your captor’s imprisonment as you explore a maze-like
abandoned asylum.


— Security Cameras — These allow Walter to keep a close eye on the player, but the tides can be turned if the player discovers the security room.
— Interactable Environment — Objects in the map aren’t static; they can be pushed around and used to block areas. Also, lockers and file cabinets can be opened and searched.
— Achievements — As of now, there is a limited amount of achievements, but we plan on adding many more to give the game more replayability.
— Options — There are customizable settings for the game including sensitivity, graphics quality, and more.
— Batteries — The flashlight runs on batteries, but the only batteries lying around are defective and do not last for very long. Once the flashlight’s battery runs under 30%, the light starts to dim.
— Random Elements — The majority of the game is randomized. Walter’s destinations, batteries, the map, the key, and more are all randomized. Each playthrough of Deliverance will not be like the last.


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