Allison Road


Allison Road is a Horror game.

Release date: 2018
Developer: Lilith
Platform: PC
Genre: Horror
Language: English

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Detailed description:

The gameplay of Allison Road is similar to that of P.T., the playable teaser for Silent Hills, presenting a minimal storyline which the player must solve. While not wanting to reveal too much of the actual game, developers stated the full version may be slightly different. According to the development team, «pretty much all of our core mechanics are in place, however, some actually didn’t make the cut-off for the video; the inventory is one of those things.»

Allison Road takes place in a British, suburban terraced house. You play the role of an unnamed protagonist who wakes up one faithful Monday morning without any recollection of what happened beforehand. Your mouth is stale, your head is pounding, and every beam of light pierces your eyes like a thousand needles. While trying to piece yourself back together throughout the day, you realize that you have a wife and daughter that lives with you, but their whereabouts are unknown. All you want to do at this point is sleep off that hangover. Tomorrow will be a new day, after all.



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5. Enjoy!

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  • Firebird

    Doesn’t work

    • cs12345

      Allison Road has been canceled…

      • Firebird

        I know. That’s why I was searching the internet for the Demo. Since it’s been cancelled you can’t get the demo from the indie games page or the website.