Strength of the Sword: Ultimate


Strength of the Sword: Ultimate is a third person action RPG.

Release date: September 2015
Developer: Ivent Games
Platform: PC
Genre: RPG, Fighting
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Strength Of The Sword: ULTIMATE is a third person action RPG from tiny two-man studio Ivent Games. If that sounds familiar it’s because they previously made the Playstation-exclusive Strength of the Sword 3 which isn’t a sequel, that’s just how they named it. Ultimate is a Kickstarter remake/port of that game to PC and various consoles. It looks a bit like Dark Souls only more action packed, with the same focus on nail-biting, skill-heavy combat and a wide variety of viable customisation options when it comes to gear. Ivent provided a very early build for me to try out, details and trailer below.

PvP Mode — It was awesome to have people compete over leaderboard scores, but nothing resolves the ‘who is the best’ argument better than an old-fashion PvP. Back in the original game we were more interested in the player challenging himself rather than facing others. Well, since then… lets just say arguments were had inside the studio, gauntlets were thrown, words were spoken that cannot be taken back, so the PvP mode is as much for us as it is for everybody else.

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