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Tale of Fallen Dragons torrent

Tale of Fallen Dragons

Tale of Fallen Dragons (2017) is a new interesting dungeon crawler game for PC. Release date: 6 February 2017 Developer: BigTapir Games Platform: PC Genre: Adventure, Roguelike Language: English


Depths of Limbo

Depths of Limbo (2017) is a very interesting action roguelike game for PC. Release date: Q1 2017 Developer: Evgiz Platform: PC Genre: Roguelike, Action Language: English


Asura (2017)

Asura (2017) is a new interesting rogue-like game. Release date: Q1 2017 Developer: Ogre Head Studio Platform: PC Genre: Action, RPG, Roguelike Language: English


The Forgettable Dungeon

The Forgettable Dungeon is an ONLINE & OFFLINE co-op action rpg. Release date: 2016 Developer: Anthony Rotondo Platform: PC Genre: Action, RPG Language: English