Shapes of Gray


Shapes of Gray is a stripped-down action-arcade game.

Release date: September 2015
Developer: Secret Tunnel Entertainment
Platform: PC
Genre: Arcade
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Shapes of Gray is a top-down action-arcade game about progressing through a series of ten-second levels as quickly as possible—it kind of plays like Hotline Miami meets WarioWare. In each level, you’ll encounter a series of enemy shapes that you have to defeat by using their attacks against each other to clear the level cleanly and efficiently. The various interactions between the shapes give the player quite a bit of freedom in how they want to tackle each challenge, despite the entire game taking place in a tiny circular arena.

Shapes of Gray has a simple sense of discovery to it, providing no manual or backstory to lean on and relying on the player’s gaming instinct to find out what’s what. This initial feeling of the unexpected makes it more compelling at first, but there are unfortunately some flaws waiting for explorers to find as well.

In the first phase of play you find you have to fight your way through 49 tiny arenas. Why not 50? Probably because of saucily paved over Twilight fanfiction, that’s why; but let’s not digress toward things that have already received more attention than they deserve.



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