Curses ‘N Chaos


Curses ‘N Chaos is a two-player cooperative game.

Release date: August 2015
Developer: Tribute Games Inc.
Platform: PC
Genre: Arcade
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Curses ‘n Chaos is a two-player cooperative game in which players fight incoming waves of monsters across ten arena-style stages, as they seek to make the Elixir of Life and break a foul curse placed on them. Items collected from slain enemies can be used as weapons or combined to create varied elemental attacks and summon creatures to aid in combat.

At its core, Curses ‘N Chaos plays like a classic arcade game. You pick your character (Lea or Leo), pick a level, and start punching and kicking monsters solo or cooperatively. What’s special about the combat is that in addition to the smooth controls and lightning quick responsiveness, you have a huge arsenal of items at your disposal. In fact, enemies drop tons of items, so no need to hoard them! Use your items liberally, overcome all waves of enemies, and defeat the bosses!

There is, however, a somewhat modern concept present in Curses ‘N Chaos. This “modern” game mechanic is called Alchemy! In between levels, you meet Allison, a young and ambitious alchemist accompanying Lea and Leo on their quest. Give her a bit of gold earned during fights and she’ll combine items for you to create better ones.

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