OZMAFIA!! is a Adventure game.

Release date: 30 April 2016
Developer: Poni-Pachet SY
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Language: English

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Detailed description:

OZMAFIA follows the tale of Fūka, a girl with amnesia who doesn’t remember her own name, once she’s rescued from the streets by members of the Oz family mafia. She begins trying to do her best in this dangerous city where several different rival mafia gangs are constantly at war for control and territory.

As Fūka tries to make do for herself amidst this danger, what fate lies in store for her? Will she grow close to one of the members of another faction? Will she fall in love with a member of the Oz family and face a love-triangle over her affections? The choice is yours!

ss_bb0bcc6f4f8d78175c63db2bc5bebfc02a2fbe60.1920x1080 ss_ca8c81719885cf272167bb29b571232682822877.1920x1080 ss_e31181df9688d862b2ee2cf6fb82572463fb756d.1920x1080


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3. Download and run the game setup file.
4. Following the instructions, download and install full version of OZMAFIA!! for PC!
5. Enjoy!

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    Wow…. You made my day! Thanks, Admin! XD

  • you should all be ashamed of yourselves. you should buy the game and support the publisher.

    how will we get more awesome games when people keep pirating them instead of paying people for their hard work?

    it was already hard enough for Mangagamer to get the licence for this game to produce and English version, because the Japanese developer said they were concerned about rampant piracy.

    • Sir Draco Elgar

      oh we’re gonna buy their games…AFTER WE BECAME RICH

      • that’s like telling the man at the market, «oh, i’ll pay for this apple. after I become rich!»

        • Sir Draco Elgar

          good comparison Sherlock! so what are you gonna do about it? kill us with your whining? lmao

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    Malware, guys, don’t download