Omni Link


Omni Link (2016) is a brand new visual novel game.

Release date: 17 October 2016
Developer: Eldon Harris
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Omni Link blends an epic visual novel story with real-time gameplay. The gameplay is also unique on it’s own. You’ll absorb and pilot ships with different abilities and can even use these ships as allies in a A.I controlled fleet for epic battles. You transform into them on the fly. It’s awesome!

You start the game as a man of little consequence. The first chapter: «A Hero Will Rise» defines exactly what you become. There is something called «The Virus» which has awakened near the edge of the galaxy. People are painfully discovering that this is a real threat. The Virus consumes everything it touches. You encounter an advanced warship, and an explosion binds you with an entity known as Ectype D-8. You quickly learn that there is more to this ship and A.I. that meets the eye.

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