Even the Ocean


Even the Ocean is a Adventure game.

Release date: Summer 2016
Developer: Sean HTCH and Joni Kittaka
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Anodyne’s Zelda-like appearance cloaked a thoughtful and beautiful story, which tapped into surrealism in ways that go far beyond the usual Dutch angles, gibberish dialogue and out of place industrial pipes. It’s a clever game and I suspect that many of the people who still haven’t played it would find it taking up a prominent place in memory and mind should they give it a chance.

In this longform platforming adventure, explore and learn the nature, boundaries and future of an fantasy world with diverse landscapes. Balance your energy bar to modify your horizontal and vertical movement speed as you travel through the world of The Ocean, carving your own style of travelling through The Ocean’s many areas. Exploration contrasts linear, low/high tension “Gauntlet” areas, with more open-exploration, ambient/atmospheric exploration “Nature” areas, complemented by the presence of various NPCs with short anecdotes.

Even is a woman in her 20s in a fictional present-day seaside town: meet and learn about people around her town, as well as explore Even’s thoughts through this slice-of-life walk-and-interact + daydream-exploration-platforming hybrid game that also looks at mechanics developed in The Ocean, but in a shorter manner.



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