Time Machine VR


Time Machine VR is a action adventure game.

Release date: August 2015
Developer: Minority Media Inc.
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure
Language: English

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Detailed description:

A plague is consuming humankind. Civilization faces extinction. As a time-travelling scientist, you must go back to the Jurassic and face ancient creatures whose DNA holds the key to our survival. Pilot your time machine through prehistoric oceans, into an ecosystem teeming with ancient creatures. Navigate a dangerous food chain, tracking, probing, scanning and baiting these beasts, and save the human race.

The simplest explanation for Time Machine VR is a time travel dinosaur safari, which sounds like a childhood dream come true. In the year 2033, humankind gains the ability to travel through time and uses it to send the player back to the Jurassic period to assemble the most comprehensive record of Earth’s pre-history. Players will witness the world change, starting on a mountainous landmass in 2033 before appearing millions of years in the past under the surface of the ocean.

Players can then study the movements and behaviors of different prehistoric creatures, slowing down time to better aim as they probe and scan different animals. When approaching larger dinosaurs, players will have to take bigger risks and approach carefully in order to scan one single body part of the creature, while avoiding the dangers associating with getting too close to a dinosaur.



1. Click Download Button and download .torrent file.
2. Open it with uTorrent or an alternative program.
3. Download and run the game setup file.
4. Following the instructions, download and install full version of Time Machine VR for PC!
5. Enjoy!

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