Slime Rancher


Slime Rancher is a Action game.

Release date: 2016
Developer: Monomi Park
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Language: English

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Detailed description:

In the distant future Earth megacorporations have discovered a new source of income in the form of an incredible resource for a very distant planet, which is inhabited by strange little creatures, called simply «Slugs». Slugs come in all shapes and sizes. They are cheerful, curious and have a great appetite. And when they are happy and well fed, they produce plorts. Plorts — concentrated pieces of mucus full of strange energies and the unique properties of mucus, which they made. They valued the earthly corporations for their ability to produce a huge variety of goods: from durable alloys up delicious food. People just can not get enough of the mucus. 

There is only one problem: Slugs breed only on your planet. They need fresh air, where they will shine their sun. Sliznevody — these are people who have decided to leave the Earth and fly a thousand light-years to settle on the planet Slugs, manage the farm for breeding and collect their plorts, to sell them for big money corporations. Vacpack Beatrix uses as its main tool to collect, manage their pen and slugs. It has two main functions: to absorb (vac) and shoot. Absorption (Vac-ing) creates a cyclone vortex air nozzle vacpack, drawing something, located close to Beatrix. If the items are quite small, as mucus or resources, they immediately reduced due to the amazing nanotechnology and stored in slots for cartridges vacpack. The collected items even automatically sorted. Conveniently! Shooting — the opposite of absorption.

Hold down the fire button, Beatrix will produce a steady stream anything from mucus or items selected in slot patrons. Do you want to shoot a dozen chickens in the sky, as if from a fire hose? Well, you can do it with vacpack. In the end, this is the future. Beatrix has its own farm where she keeps her collected slugs. It can grow crops, raise chickens, improving his farm new functionality, explore open spaces, open countryside outside the farm, and even use plorts to create new, more lucrative types Slugs … until things go awry; because too many combinations of mucus can lead to ruthless and voracious Slug Monster that will destroy everything in its path.


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