Hounds : The Last Hope


Hounds : The Last Hope is a Action game.

Release date: 27 January 2016
Developer: Netmarble Games
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Hounds: The Last Hope is a F2P Third-person Shooter developed by ReBORN games and published by Netmarble EMEA. Focusing more on story-driven PvE, the whole world is under attack by zombies and alien-like creatures. It’s up to you and other players to save the day.

In Hounds: The Last Hope, players take on the role of humanity’s last hope, a group of survivors battling an alien invasion that has turned most of the population into a variety of terrifying, zombie-like creatures. Players team up to fend off hordes of zombie-like creatures and accomplish objectives, or take to competitive play and face off against other players. The co-op feels similar to similar to the buy-to-play game Killing Floor 2, except with additional RPG elements. Players can choose between one of 4 unique classes, each with its own abilities and special weapons.

Earth has come under attack from alien invaders, plaguing the Earth with a virus that has turned many of the populous into mindless flesh eating “Infected” that have ultimately brought on the downfall of civilization. These alien invaders seek the complete decimation of the world, but humankind won’t be so easily disposed of and now humankind is fighting back.



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5. Enjoy!

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