Ender of Fire


Ender of Fire is a Action game.

Release date: November 2015
Developer: Xiness
Platform: Xbox One
Genre: Action
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Ender of Fire is side-scrolling 3D Fantasy Action RPG game. A year has passed since 30 years of Forest War between Zentilus Kingdom of Human Tribe and Dyers Alliance of Elf tribe ended by an agreement of truce. The Beast tribes, the allied forces of the Elf showed strong combat power during this war and played a critical role of long term war. Both Human and Elf tribes were afraid of the Beast, which caused ceasefire between the Human and the Elf. Individual small tribes of the Beast that did not have unified nation system became common target of the Human and The Elf’s attack.

After the Forest War, a local war waged on between the Beast tribes and the Human-Elf alliance. The only way to truly end this accursed war is to defeat the Elders of the Beast tribes and the Ancient being known as The One.

The game is rough. There isn’t any hand holding here, which is perfectly fine when you learn that the dodge stick and dash button are paramount to your success. You’re only able to carry 3 health potions, that you’ll definitely use, and there are no heath bars above the unending mob of the enemies you’ll face. The bosses have health bars thankfully, they just repeat multiple times over themselves like a Photoshop layer. Range combat is a chore. Targeting seems to have a mind of it’s own and you’ll shoot at thin air just as often as you do goblin #1347.



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