RUiN delivers a huge pool of abilities, fat dynamic arenas and 5 million tons of intense PvP action.

Release date: Late 2016
Developer: Tarhead Studio
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Language: English

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Detailed description:

RUiN is a game deeply rooted in the PvP — player versus player — tradition. While similar games have opted for an expansion in both strategical and mechanical usage, RUiN opts to head the other direction. We create fun and depth from simplicity. Our game stands tall on the fact that it’s built on pure, intense combat. Players select their preferred set of skills from an ever-expanding pool and duke it out on various dynamic arenas. RUiN is set in a fantasy world that mirrors the core values of the game; it’s vibrant, fantastic and of course intensely fun.


— King of the Hill — Don’t get knocked out into the arena’s surrounding hazard or you will take lethal damage.
— Ability Pool — Instead of picking characters, players get a pool of abilities to choose from. In addition, to fully tailor each and every player’s own play style there will be augmentations available for every ability.
— Shrinking Arena — To increase the intensity throughout the matches the hazard creeps closer to the middle of the arena decreasing the space the players fight for.
— Replayability — With a dynamic arena and interactable objects every match will play out like no other.



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