Razenroth is an action shooter with a dark atmosphere.

Release date: August 2015
Developer: Enitvare
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Language: English

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Detailed description:

It’s a top-down perspective action game, with roguelike and RPG elements. A big part of the game is randomly generated. Each level, weather conditions, environment, amount of treasures and monsters, all these things are procedurally generated. Each time you play, the game looks different, we want to provide unique and dark mood. Additionally, our goal is to create over 200 items, like spells, magic potions, skills and equipment.

Now, a few words about plot. The main hero is Charles Carter, a young journalist, who decide to remove a mysterious curse from his family. The curse causes that all people of the family have nightmares, but nobody knows who is responsible for that. He decides to enter the world of nightmares, inhabited by frightening creatures.

Levels are generated randomly. Each of those is characterised by different construction, random weather conditions and unique colouring. As the game progresses, the main scenery is also changing (e.g. dark forest, rainy marshland, graveyard, caves, etc.) Several dozen creatures to fight with. There are regular creatures and these which can be encountered rather rarely. The more rare the creature, the better chance to obtain valuable objects after it is beaten. Character leveling system. By killing monsters you get experience points which allow your character to level up. You can improve some of the basic stats like hp, mana, critical damage, etc. Additionally there are also over a dozen of powerful skills to improve, that let you customize your character as you want.

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5. Enjoy!

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