Destiny 2

Destiny 2 torrent

Destiny 2 (2017) is a new first person shooter video game with RPG elements for PC.

Release date: 24 October 2017
Developer: Bungie
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Language: English

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Destiny 2 is a very, very different game to the first, but it’s impossible to tell that without playing it. On a surface glance, everything looks the same, albeit rendered with arrestingly greater detail and vitality. Campaign missions. Strikes. Open-world planets. Public Events. PvP. The bullet-point list reads like business as usual. But this is anything but.

Destiny 2’s radically new personality and philosophy are first laid out in its campaign. Where the first game’s many joys were largely systemic, living within its beautifully honed and deliciously malleable combat and character crafting systems, here, that stuff is ‘just’ the core of something much greater. What we have in Destiny 2’s story campaign is almost incomparable to the first game’s narratively-linked series of escalating arena fights and dungeon crawls. It still makes use of such things, of course, as it cuts a path through Destiny 2’s multi-planet open-world. But what we have here is also a full-blooded, immaculately paced, pure FPS campaign, built with all the story, scale, and set-piece insight Bungie perfected over the 13-year period of its pre-Destiny shooter work.



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