Atomic Space Command


Atomic Space Command is a new multicrew game, focused on competitive.

Release date: 2016
Developer: No, You Shut Up Inc.
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Language: English

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Detailed description:

Atomic Space Command is a third person multicrew cooperative and competitive space combat game about managing your own ship and choosing the right crew members. You’ll have your own base planet which you’ll have to defend, go face enemy ships and destroy them as you try and conquer their planet and so on. You’ll have to manage your ship and pretty much manually control all of its systems. It’s pretty tough alone and awesome with some friends. Not to mention that this game looks beautiful.


— Bring your friends along. They’ll help you build, lend you parts and champions. It’s hard to fly a big ship alone. You’ll need their help once things get crazy.
— Outfit it with reactors, shields, weapons, life support, computers and hacking tools. Pick from your roster of champions and redshirts to crew it.
— Build a custom ship to survive in the Solar Arena.
— Join fleets in the battle for Solar Systems.

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5. Enjoy!

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